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Property investment

Property investment is the best investment in the history of mankind.

Ing. Lenka Kopecká


Investment opportunities


Buy to let property in the Czech Republic


Investment in real estate development

3 main advantages of property investment


Double money appreciation: rising property value and yield from rent

  1. Property value rises in time. In contrast to money in a bank account, where it becomes subject to inflation and it loses value.
  2. The property produces a regular rental income.

Low risk: perfect ratio of return on investment and investment risks

Slumps in the property market are much less common than in stock or commodity markets. Even in the biggest crises people must live somewhere, while they get rid of commodities. You can invest in commodities, of course, and maybe get higher yield, however, the risk is also significantly higher and you might lose all capital. According to the yield/security ratio property investment is the best investment. 


 Liquidity: property can be easily sold

Properties are places for living in the first place; this fact brings a very constant and stable demand. Therefore, it is no problem to convert your property into money when needed.

Comparison between investment in properties and other possibilities

Without the influence of inflationWith the influence of inflation
Saving accounts0,2 % p. a.–1,8 % p. a.
Pension scheme1,5 % p. a.–0,5 % p. a.
Property investment via Bohemian Estates9,7 % p. a.7,7 % p. a.

Property investment is not a lottery. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information!


Lenka Kopecká