Property investment abroad

We can help you purchase an investment property abroad and we will comprehensively manage it.

Ing. David Novotný


Who is this service intended for

For investors who want to invest in properties abroad and are looking for a solid partner with knowledge of the local market. For everybody who wishes to have a holiday property abroad, which is also a sound investment.

How it works

Investment property, which is used for vacation may earn from rent in times when you are not using it. We will comprehensively manage the property advertisement, rent, cleaning and all property management.

Why invest with Bohemian Estates

Let's have a look at some examples of properties we have sourced, managed and increased the value of and sold for our clients.

Investment in four-bedroom villa in Madeira (250 m2)

Calculation of Rental income:
Occupancy70 %
Daily rent210 €
Monthly income gross4 471 €
Monthly management fee–1 341 €
Monthly utility costs–150 €
Monthly income nett2 980 €
Yearly income nett35 759 €
Yearly appreciation from the rental income6,06 %
Purchase price 590 000 €

Investment in a one-bedroom flat in Tenerife (90 m2)

Calculation of Rental income:
Occupancy70 %
Daily rent80 €
Monthly income gross1 703 €
Monthly management fee–511 €
Monthly utility costs–100 €
Monthly income nett1 092 €
Yearly income nett13 108 €
Yearly appreciation from the rental income6,90 %
Purchase price 190 000 €

Why invest abroad with Bohemian Estates

We have gained the trust of our clients who live abroad and whose properties we are managing in the Czech Republic. They usually own properties abroad so thanks to them we have access to a portfolio of a range of properties abroad.


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David Novotný
Owner/managing director

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