Renovated office with a storeroom and 2 parking spaces

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Str. K vodojemu, Praha 5
774 / Monat
Gebühr: 77 EUR


  • Zimmer: -
  • Wohnfläche: -
  • Terrasse: Kein
  • Lodžie: Kein
  • Balkón: Kein
  • Stock: Erdgeschoß
  • Aufzug: Kein
  • Voll möbliert: Ja


Refurbished office with a storeroom/garage on the ground floor with two private parking spaces right in front of the building. The office has 85 sq.m. and the storeroom/garage has 33 sq.m. The entrance to the storeroom/garage is right from the parking spaces. The rent is 20,000 CZK + 2,000 CZK utilities (+ electricity and internet) + deposit 40,000 CZK. Attention, as a huge benefit, this apartment is professionally managed by Bohemian Estates company, which manages the property in behalf of the owner. An account manager is at the tenant’s disposal, who solves all the issues connected with the apartment rental (maintenance, rental payments, reconciliations, amendments, etc.). So the tenant can enjoy the problem free rental with full servicing.


Renovated office with a storeroom and 2 parking spaces

774 EUR / Monat
Gebühr: 77 EUR

Yury Vachugov